Mayhue has been teaching guitar for nearly 20 years. He specializes in teaching electric and acoustic guitar in the styles of rock, jazz, funk, blues and gospel. After many years of teaching in assorted venues and private lessons, Mayhue has put together a more engaging learning opportunity for interested students. This class, known as the Bostic Guitar Workshop, is a personalized lesson plan tailored just for YOU, at YOUR skill level and with YOUR goals in mind. Beginner or advanced students can benefit from the attentive and casual training methods Mayhue uses. Fundamentals form the foundation of learning but self-exploration and challenge is a key element in the Workshop. Mayhue works hard to make your learning experience both rewarding and enjoyable. For details on how you can enroll in the Bostic Guitar Workshop contact Mayhue by any method shown below.


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June through December - Mayhue will be hosting the monthly Jazz Jam Sessions at Cube NoDa in Charlotte, NC.

The Mayhue Bostic Group is available for immediate bookings. Call (864) 918-0951 for available dates and times.


The Mayhue Bostic Group are:

Dawn Nicole Anthony (Vocals)
Letron Brantley (Sax)
Ocie Davis (Drums)
John Simmons (Piano)
Wil Thompson (Bass)
and others!

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You can contact Mayhue by phone at (864) 918-0951. You can also stay in touch via email or follow Mayhue and his band on Facebook.




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